Kung Fu Yoga (2017)

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Kung Fu Yoga is a 2017 action-adventure comedy film written and directed by Stanley Tong.[4][5][6] The film is a Chinese-Indian co-production of Taihe Entertainment (China), Shinework Pictures (China).

The film was released in China on 28 January 2017 and is scheduled for release in India on 3 February 2017. Featuring original music composed by Nathan Wang and additional music composed by Komail and Shivaan.


Jack (Jackie Chan), a renowned professor of archaeology at the Terracotta Warriors Museum in Xi’an, teams up with young Indian professor Ashmita from National Museum Institute, Rajasthan to locate India’s lost Magadha treasure in Tibet. Using modern technology their team find the treasure underneath a frozen lake. However they are interrupted by Randall who steals the treasure and leaves them there to die. In the chaos, Jones – a member from Jack’s team who is more a treasure hunter than an archaeologist smuggles away with a diamond artifact. Jack’s and Ashmita’s team manage to escape from the underground icy cavern through an opening. Two weeks later the 212 carat diamond artifact pops up in Dubai for auctions at the black market. Jack to save his job attempts to take back the artifact with the help of a rich friend. Jack wins the auction but Randall strikes again with his goons which result in a high speed car chase through heavy traffic in Dubai. In the chase Ashmita snatches it from them. Jack traces about Ashmita’s whereabouts and finds she isn’t who she claimed to be before but the youngest descendant of Magadha royalty. Ashmita explains the diamond artifact is known as the “eye of shiva” in their family chronicles and it is the key to immense treasure hidden somewhere. She asks Jack to help her to find the real treasure and protect it from wrong hands. They further find the diamond artifact is a part of a scepter that opens a map room built using vastu shastra and astronomical positions of that period in a closed part of a sacred temple. Randall kidnaps Jack and Ashmita, demands to find the treasure for him because the treasure belonged to his family. They all together find the map room which happens to be a puzzle room where a wrong move can cost lives. They reach to an underground Shiva temple made out of gold that is nearby a secluded waterfall. Reaching there, Randall’s group begins to extract gems and diamonds from the temple decorations and searches for the treasure but to his despair they find the treasure that the legend says is ancient knowledge about Medicine, Buddhism, Mechanical structures, etc. In despair Randall tries to destroy everything. But Jack, Ashmita and their team start a fight to stop them. Jack fights using principles of yoga and kung fu to beat down Randall and convinces him the significant importance of this finding. Meanwhile a group of Sannyasis comes down through the new opening above ground and by seeing the magnificence of the deity in underground temple they start to sing and dance in joy. The groups that were fighting, realizing their pettiness stop fighting and happily join with the joyous expression.


  • Jackie Chan as Jack
  • Aarif Rahman as Jones Lee
  • Zhang Yixing as Xiaoguang
  • Miya Muqi as Noumin
  • Sonu Sood as Randall
  • Disha Patani as Ashmita
  • Zhang Guoli
  • Amyra Dastur – Kyra
  • Jain Kumar
  • Wen Jiang
  • Eric Tsang
  • Shang Yuxian
  • Eskindir Tesfay
  • Mohanlal as Unni appam seller
  • Ágúst Bjarnason as Snowmobile henchman
  • Damian Mavis as Mercenary
  • Eskindir Tesfay as Mercenary
  • Temur Mamisashvili as Hit Man
  • Joel Adrian as Hit Man
  • David Torok as Hit Man
  • Tomer Oz as Hit Man
  • Kevin Lee as Hit Man
  • Najmeddin AlHadad as Hit Man
  • Ebrahim Hassan as Hit Man
  • Alessio Miano as Hit Man
  • Joshua Linder as Hit Man
  • Fatih Ugurlu as Randall’s Man
  • Sajjad Delafrooz as Rich man in Hotel
  • Adam Stone as Bodyguard
  • Paul Philip Clark as Max
  • Darren Grosvenor as Randall’s accountant
  • Anthony Gavard as Auction presenter
  • Franz Rügamer as Bodyguard
  • Matthew Ray Ruggles as Auctioneer
  • Erika Herbert as mother
  • Ming Hu

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